Looking at the Philadelphia Eagles 2014 Pre Draft Visits

The Philadelphia Eagles have been busy this offseason like every other team evaluating and meeting draft prospects.  Trying to guess who the Eagles will select in the draft is like trying to guess the lottery.  People ask me frequently who I think Philadelphia takes in the first round, and my tongue-in-cheek response is always, “who [...]

Jackson Release Shows Kelly’s Confidence in Other Options

When the Philadelphia Eagles released DeSean Jackson last week, my initial reaction was to think he must have really been a pain in the you-know-what.  I mean, a team doesn’t just randomly cut a guy who had 82 receptions and 1,332 yards with a team leading nine reception touchdowns, right?  Players in their prime who [...]

Philadelphia Eagles Still Have a Defensive Gap

One could argue that the safety position for the 2013 Eagles was their weakest group.  Philadelphia gave up the most passing yards per game (289.8) and allowed a league worst 4,636 total passing yards.  Teams were effective throwing the ball on the Eagles throughout the year, and much of that is attributed to the shaky [...]

RECAP: Philadelphia Eagles Need to Re-sign These Free Agents

Back in mid January I wrote this article where I discussed Philadelphia’s 2014 free agents, and the players I thought the Eagles needed to re-sign leading up to the draft.  It’s always good to evaluate, and I wanted to take a look back. Before I do, however, it needs to be said that I think Philadelphia has [...]

Interview: Former Philadelphia Eagles Center David Alexander Believes Kelly Will Deliver a Super Bowl

I had an opportunity to attend a Glazier Football Clinic in Dallas this past weekend, and I was fortunate to run into former Philadelphia Eagles eight year offensive lineman David Alexander. Alexander was selected in the fifth round of the 1987 draft and played for Eagles head coaches Buddy Ryan and Rich Kotite. He was [...]

Eagles Taking Care of Contract Business

Gone are the days when in 2011 the Philadelphia Eagles went on a free agent spending spree and proceeded to win just 12 games over the next two seasons.  This Philadelphia Eagles team led by General Manager Howie Roseman is going on a different type of spending spree; that’s keeping the club’s high producing, quality [...]

Key NFL League Dates to Watch for Philadelphia Eagles

Since we are in full-throttle offseason mode, I thought it might be appropriate to share the key upcoming dates for the NFL.  I know die-hard Eagles fans are watching closely for upcoming big events, and we are always ready to provide you with the information you need, when you need it. The next big event to [...]